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Google it yourself.
1: Where do I download Safari 4?
2: GIY!
by Panda_Koala February 28, 2009
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An incorrect spelling of the word "guys", part of the internet elitist persona.
K GIYS, i need to know one fing
by Tech-Boards May 08, 2005
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someone that is not actually gay, but very feminine and does girly actions and activities
Mike: "hey guys you wanna watch the bachelor with me?"
Matt: "No Mike, stop being a giy"

Mike: "Hey, you guys like my Arianna Grande poster?"
Adam: "No Mike, that poster is so giy"
by smallpants69 March 02, 2015
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Google it yourself. When one asks a friend a question that can easily be answered by Googling it. This is most effective when the question is being asked via the internet, and it is therefore very easy for the asker to access Google.
OMNICTIONARIAN: Hey, what's the capital of South Dakota?
QTHEAVENGER: Ummm Winner? Idk, GIY dude.
by LindseySubtlyInked February 28, 2009
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Gok it yourslef

Gok Wang the fashion guru
Rob; Damn that top is cool... where's it from? Topman?
Bill; Nah it's a primark t-shirt with a bit of G.I.Y
by tim-berlands August 01, 2008
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