Goodbye Cruel Board (noun):
A thread posted in which the thread starter announces they are leaving and never coming back so that everyone will feel obligated to beg them to stay and give their self esteem a boost. The person has no intention of leaving and really just desires a thread or two of pampering.
Hey everyone, QT just posted a GCB! Do you suppose she means it this time?
by BloodyMary June 25, 2004
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Good Christian Bitch

A person with a good, Christian facade, when in fact she is a bitch/partier.
Samantha called Jane a conniving bitch and offered to pray for her. What a GCB.
by shanynanigans May 23, 2012
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A gender confused boy
1.) has more girl friends then guys( and not because he is big pimping

2.) does not understand what there penis is for

3.) having feminine ways ie. working at craft stores wearing excessive amounts of AE, Hollister

4.) having high voices and low levels of testosterone
take a lap or two around the mall for prime examples of a GCB
by Mgordon March 31, 2009
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