Person1: Mom how much Gbp do I have
Mom: not enough for chicken tendies
by Oof_master67 September 18, 2017
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A short hand way of writing Great British Pounds (a.k.a. GBP sterling why i don't know)
I would like £12GBP please
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i’m gbps at bryce elliot’s snap😭‼️
by jackpot420 November 22, 2022
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monks: want some gbp
grunks: SEII LESS 😂
by monksisahoodnigga October 28, 2023
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A GBP(Ghetto Black People or Person) is one or a few of African American descent, belonging to specific subculture deemed "ghetto" or "morally inept" or "ratchet". One Might assume this person to talk loudly and with no ability to comply with societal standards.
"What is that noise, even?"
"It's all of them GBPz up in dis mug, straight thinking they thuggin' with all of their doin' extra and what not, Zamm (Damn) Gall!"
"Girl you already know!"
"I am so done with all of these GBPz!"
*Storms out twerking*
*breaks hip*
by failgain May 5, 2013
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Girl Bashing Pasher. Used for a guy who hurts his girlfriend.
Jane- hannahs boyf lyk such a gbp!

Louise- yea lyk ttly!
by dafylm August 16, 2006
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G- "Hey O, I saw you take Keisha home last night....did you hit?"

O- "Omg yes....definitely GBP!"
by UnSprungPR June 4, 2019
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