GBD = Gross Bitch Disease
it’s what you call a scant ass bitch
“That bitch Claire suffer from GBD”
“Yeah she scant asf
by lakewoodlover163 November 19, 2019
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An acronym for " Gang Bang Day", GBD is a term used to describe a busy or full day where there is one thing right after another, nonstop.
Person1: Man, I had the busiest day: I worked a full shift, went bike riding right after work, then had just enough time to shower quickly and catch a movie with friends all before getting a late dinner.

Person2: Wow, sounds like a GBD to me.
by mattfasl August 18, 2009
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"She's gbd"
"This tune is seriously gbd"

"How was last night?" "G B D"
by muirwm November 15, 2009
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Phrase meant to inspire young men. Stands for, "Go balls deep!"
- "Yeah, I have an exam tonight." "GBD, dude!"

- "I met this honey on the dance floor, what should I do?" "GBD! GBD!"
by Willm February 12, 2004
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General body discomfort experienced during the come-up period during the onset of psychedelic mushrooms. This unbearable sensation normally lasts for the first 45 minutes to an hour.
by MattNwsu December 6, 2009
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Kevin's dad has a mustache and a motorcycle, he sure is one awesome GBD!
by Kirkus the Great December 7, 2008
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