The Gay Ass Gaming Group ( Gagg) Is a super awesome amazingly super cool community on discord where people are actually super cool and friendly with each other.
-My ass hurts.

-Jeez dude I didn't have to know what you did last night!

-No bro, it's just because I had so much fun sitting on it all day playing video game on the Gagg!
by Apapyrus April 6, 2020
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Massive "The L Word" fan, to the point that he can quote the entire series word for word. A person that steals copper and defecates in people's bags. He may also be known by the name "30 Grand Man".

“I’m built different see, loads of people can’t drink milk on its own”
Guy 1 - "Wow that guy is a real Kieron Gagg, stealing copper like that"

Guy 2 - "Not to mention what he did to those peoples bags"
by Fez_Bez January 18, 2022
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poop; shit; human excrement; feces
After taking a gagg, I felt enlightened.
by bfne April 14, 2011
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Gagg is a name that often gets used instead of Gage. Gagg is always the guy in the group everyone loves. He smiles and laughs but he is just a Gagg.
Ah, it’s just Gagg being Gagg. My name is Gage but it says Gagg on the receipt.
by Blowe79 April 30, 2022
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