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3 definitions by Brando420

The new Oxycontin pills that have an OP on them instead of the original OC. These new OP's can't be crushed, meaning that they cant be snorted, smoked or melted down for injection. They can still be split into halves or quarters though. They stopped making the original kind due to so many people crushing them and using them in ways which were not intended.

I know some people that still have a supply of the original kind left, but the prices have been jacked up tremendously.

Here in So Cal, an original now costs a dollar per milligram, whereas the new OP's cost 50 cents a milligram. Basically, 80 bucks for an 80mg of OC and 40 for a 80mg of OP.
I really hate these new OP's. I miss snorting lines of that shit and my nose has been starving lately.
by Brando420 October 19, 2010
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According to the legend, "G" stands for "Government" and the 13th letter of the alphabet is "M"( for marijuana). This strain was purpotedly pinched from the US government's Marijuana Research Facility in Mississippi. I've researched high and low and found no credible source to substantiate this story, other than High Times magazine. A very strong, pure indica, G-13 is most often crossed with other varieties to augment its low yield and fair taste. The taste is hashy, spicy-to-bland flavor. The smell has little fragrance, and its high is a trance-like body stone. It is very potent, sometimes more than 25% THC. Its easy to grow, has a fair yield, and is easy to manicure. Flowering time indoors is 55-60 days, outdoors is mid- october to early November. A legendary strain.
G-13 is extremely dank and can kill a noob in 2 hits.
by Brando420 October 16, 2007
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Generic brand for ambien, but stronger.
One zolpidem and you will be feeling like you jsut took 4 shots of jose cuervo...too bad it only lasts a few hours.
by Brando420 October 17, 2007
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