"cut G" is the action of slapping someone on the back of the head while shouting "I LIKE YOUR CUT G!"
person 1: hey!

Person 2: hey!

Person 1: I LIKE YOUR CUT G *slaps back of head*
Person 2: HEYYY
by Urban____dictionary November 6, 2020
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when someone has a fresh cut and you, by law, have to smack their cut
oh hey mcquivey, fresh cut g
jack proceeds to smack mcquivey out
by tall produce March 10, 2020
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This means a man with a weird cut like a mullet. to where you want to touch it to see if its alive or not.
by S K U L L September 18, 2020
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When somebody says this it means they're about to slap the person in front of them on back of their neck.
ohh you playin Minecraft, like ya cut g! aaaaaaahhhhhh!
by jnjvbkbvjdf September 25, 2020
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the act of slapping the back of someones neck
like ya cut G slaps back of neck
by bingggg October 5, 2020
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