Pronounced - Jee-Bah-Ging

Definition: A sexual technique inspired by T-Bagging.
Technique: When G Bagging The man's testicles are dipped into the mouth and stirred clockwise 3 times.

Then they are removed, squeezed (ever so slightly) and replaced into the mouth.

Next, the man stirs his balls a further 3 times - taking note this time to stir: ANTI-CLOCKWISE .

Finally, the balls are fully removed from the mouth and given one little squeeze, and a dash of milk.

(waxed balls are said to taste better)
by Mr Big G April 11, 2008
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Person #1: That girl's a douche.
Person #2: Yeah, what a g-bag!
by definitively October 26, 2009
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An up and coming insult used against the Groton-Dunstable Regional High School in chirps during sports games and against underclassmen
Hey that Mr. Woods dude is a real G-D-bag
by TheOGUncleRicky December 11, 2017
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A bag that contains thousands of dollars. Or used in a way to show how you got the bag
I just cashed in and got a g-bag
let's gooo got us some g-bags for the stack
by Zodidle August 6, 2020
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