A derogatory term for a larger hairy man with a southern accent. Derived from the name a popular character in the animated series "The Power Puff Girls"
"Scott look at the Fuzzy Lumpkin over there"

"Can you believe that Fuzzy Lumpkin just tried to hit on me"
by J-Breezey March 29, 2009
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a guy mouthifying the hell out of a womans box while she is taking #2 on the shitter... While she is poopen...
A yo Scott, that was a mean fuzzylumpkin you gave Katelyn last night at the Slantei!!!
by Drippy Carlson December 08, 2004
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Fuzzy Lumkins is derived from the expression "there is an elephant in the room"- Fuzzy Lumkins refers to the metaphorical elephant in this saying. In other words, when there something obvious that stands out in any particular situation, like "an elephant in the room", the evident object is a Fuzzy Lumkins.
Where two people like each other and each individual is aware of the others feeling. However, neither party has explicitly acknowled the mutual fondness. In this senario, the love that they share is a "fuzzy lumpkins".
by Loneless August 26, 2009
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To eat out a girl while she's shitting is to give a fuzzy lumpkin. Named after fuzzy lumpkins, a big pink monster featured on the powerpuff girls.
"I walked into the restroom and bam, there it was, a fuzzy lumpkin in progress."
by Joe Jerkoff October 08, 2006
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