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the act of both sides of an issue creating, or further deepening a bureaucracy by making a big to do about it, so as to avoid actually doing anything about it, except that is in generally pleasing one's own constituency.
The House and Senate , caught re-handed fusterclucking over the new abortion legislation, admitted no animals were harmed in the making of the new law.

perfect example The GOP-led House and the Democratic-controlled Senate, in a compromise, put Gov. Terry Branstad in charge of signing off on any payments for publicly funded abortions. Republicans believed the added scrutiny might be a brake on abortions under Medicaid. Democrats noted the measure applied only to reimbursements, not approval ahead of time. But about seven months after the new rule took effect, the consequences have surprised everyone, and illustrated the trickiness of bipartisan lawmaking on the issue. Branstad, a Republican and abortion opponent, hasn't approved any payments. But the few patients who were eligible for Medicaid-funded abortions received them anyway.
by Taira Kazumichi February 19, 2014
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