An alteration of clusterfuck that can be uttered in public places such as the work place.
This place is a total fustercluck.
by monsieur dude August 7, 2008
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A fucked-up clusterfuck. The worst possible situation or outcome, usually applicable to a group effort.

"We're way over budget, we're late, and the damn thing doesn't work. This project is a complete fustercluck!!!"
by whothehellevencares July 20, 2008
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A group activity that results in pure stupidity.

A whole bunch of people hoping on the good foot and doing the bad thing
YOu guys are the biggest group of fusterclucks I have ever scene.

Now that we are all here lets fustercluck!
by William Nichols April 1, 2004
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The realisation by a turkey farmer that his whole 'crop' is going to be wiped out by a virus named after Professor Fust of the West Coast Agricultural University.
Chad: what a total fustercluck man, I've got to get rid of this livestock way before thanksgiving day.
by Murky Ditchwater April 16, 2009
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