The act of giving or receiving sexual pleasure while on or more person is in a fursuit. Most people believe that all people who wear fursuits engage in fursuit sex: this is not true. Many fursuits are made for entirely innocent purposes, such as entertaining children or adults in non-sexual ways. Very few furries actually engage in the act.
Fursuitsex occurs rarely.
by Arsenic July 3, 2007
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The act of sexual activity while dressed in a Fursuit. (See Fursuiter for definition of fursuit, see Furry for definition of anthropomorphism)

A sexual fetish in every sense of the word.
by Ashtar the Fox March 23, 2003
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The most popular area in which furries (those interested in anthropomorphic animals) are known. Involves sex or yiffing, between two more peoples in which at least one wears a Fursuit. A vast majority being homosexual males.

Fursuits range from just added ears and tails to a full mascot aspired suit.
It's a common misconception that all furries participate in fursuitsex, although, the amount of furries that actually participate in fursuiting are very low. The inaccurate descriptions of furries have been brought about by poor documentaries and internet propagandas. Claiming a furry as a fursuiter is the most popular tactic of demeaning furries as it is the most bizarre aspect of the fandom.
Moby's musical video, "Beautiful," depicts the idea of fursuitsex.
by FurAtail July 18, 2006
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Something that should be made illegal. If they can make pedophiles illegal why not this sick peverted act. It involves two people dressed like animals fucking each other and acting like they are mating.
Fursuitsex is secretly every furries wet dream.
by Ryan Satter April 29, 2005
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People who find it sexually exciting to dress as animals partake in this questionable act. A major misconception on the matter is that they are called furries; what a furries REALLY are is people who find anthropomorphic characters (which means they walk talk think act and have faces like humans)
attractive. Fursuiters are actually called jugolos, not furries.

The act of fursuitsex is quite rare in relative terms, but exists enough to get attention. Considered disgusting by many, and just odd by most.
1000 Ways to Die featured this on an episode called
"Em-bear-assed", but please note they screw up and call the fursuitsex partakers furries, which as pointed out before is completely incorrect.
by facefurryfury1000 July 6, 2011
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