Anthropomorphic animals, esp. in Furcadia. See also furry.
Some furres make Dreams, 'maps' that are created by the player, and uploaded to Furcadia so that other players may enter and enjoy them.
by Spike Jonez October 24, 2004
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(CLAN) An cute animal’s (usually a dog’s) abdomen and back area.
Random dude - “Ahhh! Look at that coote dog!”
Another dude - “IKR! What a small furre
by goodboypedro77 April 21, 2020
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A little guy from Kentucky with big feet that the game wardens love.
Furr was running from the men in green
by fuur December 19, 2013
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Christo-Furr Is a well known urban legend of a beautiful creature with a god like face, it is knew to appear when children turn the ripe age of ten, Christo-Furr will show up in the middle of the Night usually around Twelve to Two am, the creature will grant you Three wishes and they will come true throughout your life.
Person 1: I saw Christo-Furr.
Person 2: isn’t that just a urban legend?.
Person 1: Nope.
by The real Christo-Purr believer December 17, 2019
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A rare creature native to the land of Mapso, easily recognized by his furr-like coiffure and distinctive mating calls. He can be found in his bape shit crouching and repeating peoples words in an exaggerated tone. His diet consists mainly of cali cheese burgers and marijuana.
"Cheeeeeeemie! Maaaaarcuuus!"
"Yo, B-watt, what teh fuck was that noise?"
"Oh that was just the rare Nurr Furr."
by Madeleine Kelly October 31, 2007
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