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When a sports team, especially in football, signs a home/home deal with another sports team, plays the first game of the deal at their own own stadium, and then at a very late time, decides to not play the return game. Often done in order to take a larger payday at a different school (this is called chasing the money), and always done at such a late date that scheduling another game for the other team is difficult.
The University of Delaware was Furmaned when Furman University scheduled a big payday game with another team and cancelled the contract that called for Furman to play at Delaware after Delaware played at Furman last year.
by Gannonfan February 19, 2009
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(v) verb:

When an agreement between two parties is broken at the last minute, usually to the advantage of one at the expense of the other. This could be for personal or financial reasons. Most notably used in college football, but can be (and is encouraged to be) applied to other sports and situations. The origin of this term is the word Furman, as in Furman University, and its actions regarding the University of Delaware and the University of Missouri.
Delaware: Hey Furman, let’s play each other this year.
Furman: Ok…*signs contract*
*Missouri throws money at Furman*
Furman: Hey Delaware…about that contract…
Delaware: WTF! I just got Furmaned.

Pastor: If anyone has reason for these two not be wed, speak now.
*Ex-boyfriend shows up on motorcycle*
Future Wife: Yeah, um….*runs out of church*
Husband: What the…
Pastor: I’m sorry my child, but you have just been Furmaned.
by DSUrocks07 March 01, 2009
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