The God of all sugary yummy confections.
Go and get me one. Now. I order you to.
by Leiko October 6, 2004
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The act of excreting diarrea into a funnel that has been inserted into the recipients mouth.
The higher ups yelled at my boss and then he took it out on me. The shit just trickles down. Life is always giving me a funnel cake!
by all is one May 15, 2011
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A delicious sugary cake with usually strawberries, strawberry sauce on top and the cake is actually like funnels of cake! It is very good and they sell them at many carnivals but man do they pack on the pounds.fat delicious strawberries
So I went to Paramount's Great America on friday in Santa Clara California... they had loads of funnel cakes everywhere. IT WAS AWESOME I ATE LIKE 5 BUT I GAINED 15 POUNDS =(
by ll4m4 October 25, 2006
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A pussy that has been creampied so much that it looks like the sugar coating on a funnel cake hence the name.
Toni: "You ok?"
Olivia: "Hell No! I was just funnel caked!"
Toni: "OH DAMN! better clean that out."
by SExyjesusSLA June 4, 2010
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When a girl puts a funnel in her mouth and a group of men, all ejaculate into the funnel, getting most of the jizz into funnel but some on her face.
Blake - "Dude, me and my friends, did The Funnel Cake onto this one chick, Chaya, last night."

Trevor - "How was it man?"

Blake - "Good, but she choked a little bit."

David - "I think they killed her."
by Sydney Carton May 24, 2008
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when 2 girls are having sex... and one takes a funnel and pees into it letting the pee go into the other girls vagina.
Damn.. that funnel cake was so warm.
by Jim555 June 29, 2006
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When you wet your penis, then coat it with cocaine and have a girl snort it off your dick. Multiple funnel cakes is called a carnival, and the location it takes place is called the fairgrounds.
So I got expensive blow the other night, found a cheap hooker and had her give me a funnel cake.
by Carnie89 June 4, 2011
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