A person that is completely full of themselves and thinks that they are the best at everything they do and are the greatest gift to women. When in truth they are complete assholes, ass-kissers and pretenders, that live empty lives and have small dicks!
Dude, isn't that Ben guy such a Fullone!
by TropicanaTwistr January 23, 2015
Aussie slang for giving it everything you fucken got mate.
Fucking your missos sister then sending her the video.

"Did you just fuck your missos sister? That's fullonism bro!"
by Megganism December 23, 2016
One of the premier trolls to ever step into the black metal internet circles, and specifically the FMP ring. Known to be absolutely crazy.
"Fullon.... come..... to.. Alberta........"
by Procyon November 30, 2006
A last name that is often not said right.
Hey _____ Fullone
by Michael Fullone April 17, 2022