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When you drill a hole in a coconut, nutt inside it till it is filled up. Let is sit for a while till maggots and larvae grow.
A sign that the stew is ready is a foul smell and a lumpy thick consistency.
You then crack the coconut open and eat what is inside.
Man, I am preparing a Hawaiian Meat Stew, it's been sitting in my bathroom for 5 weeks now. The smell, is horrific, it's almost ready
by KaiserFranzJosefII October 25, 2020
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Fugging is the act of sensual and consentual sex with you and a townsfolk performed while you're visit the town of "Fucking" in Upper Austria. This is originating while they try to shamefully change their name so it isn't that much fun anymore. As retaliation, the people choose to imprint a sexual meaning on the new Name so they would never forget their glorious history.
Were on a round trip in Austria right now and i rented a Chateau in "Fucking/Fugging" tomorrow so we can do some consentual "Fugging".
by KaiserFranzJosefII November 27, 2020
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