Fuctuate is a word that was created by a Deaf family that uses Cued Speech and American Sign Language. The word is used to describe a sign that they created to express feelings of road rage and indicates a feeling of revolving or wavering between the feelings of anger and peace. The visual form of the word is a revolving or rotating peace sign (two fingers held up on one hand in a "V") and can also begin with the use of only the middle finger, which in the United States is commonly known to mean "fuck you".
Cole is a peaceful soul, but even he can fuctuate when someone really pisses him off.
by coloradocues1m3s May 4, 2022
1. Changing direction or course wildly and without any fucking rhyme or reason.
"What's wrong with her? Dude who knows... her mood fuctuates so often, I don't even try to keep up."

note: Redneck dictionary usage ( typically after someone lets out a particularly nasty round of flatulence )
"Good Lord Bubba!! What the fuct-u-ate!??"
by The Original Pez May 13, 2008