exhibiting behavior that is indicative of low IQ, maturity, or merely causing another inconvenience. Also used as a noun (fucktard). A person who is fucktarded is typically a person who causes much anguish in others and tends to be the object of much ridicule.
Those stupid fucktarded children cause all sorts of mayhem, making a mess out of everything.
by _| 0 E May 10, 2008
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The bastardisation of two words: "fuck" and "tard" - the latter being a shortened version of "retard", a derogatory word to decribe those with lesser mental ability. In use, it is an insult that can usually express two emotions at once - complete fustration and disbelief. Frustration at the stupidity of someone, and disbelief that yes, they are actually that stupid.
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Fucktard is used in extreme circumstances where a person is so stupid that being called a retard isn't good enough, so Fucktard is used
Why the fuck would you eat your own shit? You Fucktard
by Samsterlongmessedupshit January 7, 2016
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a person who is totally aware of the correct way to do something, yet chooses to do so wrongly.
Someone who would put out an electrical fire with water.

"He put an electrical fire out with water? Of course he got electrocuted! What a Fucktard!"
by UrbanScribe7 January 26, 2017
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Someone who is doing something so stupid you can not believe it.
That guy is driving up the off ramp!. What a fucktard!
by Fred Dahhling January 21, 2010
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1. something so stupid, it is beyond retarded. 2. The most screwed up thing you have ever seen in your life
1. Why did you leap off the roof? That was fucktarded! 2. I paid 6000 dollars in taxes this year! That's fucktarded!
by Sam Bowles June 5, 2007
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