2 definitions by PinkTinkStar

Being so high on meth that you are so fucked up your retarded.
I did so much that I was fucktarded for days.
by PinkTinkStar December 29, 2016
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A moment that you are thinking so fast that your thoughts merge into each other and form a discombobulated idea. It's definitely de ja vou meets foresight in a thought that gets stuck. It's a brain constipation with clarity.
I reached a moment of clarity where it all made sense in thought, but with all tongue tied moments when the cat has your tongue...My brain morphed with the cats sister and danced inside my head. I sat there in a dazed and confused tryst with my head and speech twirling around , as I searched for some solid thought...I could only feel tongue tied and have a wackback moment.
by PinkTinkStar December 30, 2016
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