A Jamaican (coarse slang) term for unfavorable actions, events, words or describing a persons ways. This term is used in place of Bullshit, depending on the level of crap in a situation or person. i.e. more than what is accepted is called Fuckery.
Dude you know that your full of Fuckry right.
Everything going on over there is just Fuckry.
Every word out your mouth is Fuckry.
What happened to that girl on the train is Fuckery
by Dyron July 13, 2008
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basically means "shit" or "rubbish" or sometimes used in sentances relating to disbelief...
"you guys are going on fuckrie"

"bare fuckrie was going on in the club last night"


"thats fuckrie"
by Boper April 12, 2004
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Out of order. To do an un just act.
Kevin sexed Tony's girl, how can he do that. That was fuckries
by Jon Mac January 15, 2004
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no way thats bad, an expression of disbelief
so then she got run over, then you would say, nah thats "fuckrie"
by deb July 1, 2003
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Fuckries is basically when a event or something that has happened to some people or someone and can't be represented as sad or even peak we refer to is as Fuckries or in worser cases Mega Fuckries.
You are starving. You see a man with a Big Mac . You ask him for it, when he refuses , you kill him and eat it anyway's.
This is a example of Fuckries.
by The Shizzles October 22, 2013
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If something is Fuckrys it's stupid and the thing or person doesn't know jack.
Ah that boys fuckrys.
That test was fuckrys.
by aly paly May 4, 2005
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