A phrase popularly said when submitting words/phrases to the Urban Dictionary and the asshole cuntfucks of editors don't accept it because they're asshole cuntfucks. This definition probably won't even be accepted by the asshole cuntfucks.

Oh, and fuck you asshole cuntfuck editors.
Jennifer: "Did your word get accepted by the Urban Dictionary asshole cuntfucks?"
Obama: "No. Fuck Urban Dictionary"
Jennifer: "Why?"
Obama: "Because they're asshole cuntfucks."
Jennifer: "Oh, right"
by AfterForever May 5, 2015
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Fuck you I'm pissed off that you would not submit my word that is complete and utter bullshit because you allow words such as "thot" "trumperbate" "asschair" and I think you (peers of urban dictionary are overreacting)
Fuck you. Fuck urban dictionary there is no sentence
by Tylertops July 6, 2016
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Fuck you all you worthless assholes for not publishing my word relsih you guys are all big puddles of piss and you probly say fucking gay words like fail and legit so nobody likes you and you probly still live with your parents you fuckheads!!!!!

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy that works at urbandictionary: I'm a big fucking homo for not posting the word relish on urbandictionary.
Everybody else in the world: ya we all wanted to see that word on urbandictionary but you didn't publish it you assbag so FUCK YOU URBAN DICTIONARY!!!!!!
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