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A phrase popularly said when submitting words/phrases to the Urban Dictionary and the asshole cuntfucks of editors don't accept it because they're asshole cuntfucks. This definition probably won't even be accepted by the asshole cuntfucks.

Oh, and fuck you asshole cuntfuck editors.
Jennifer: "Did your word get accepted by the Urban Dictionary asshole cuntfucks?"
Obama: "No. Fuck Urban Dictionary"
Jennifer: "Why?"
Obama: "Because they're asshole cuntfucks."
Jennifer: "Oh, right"
by AfterForever May 5, 2015
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A Dutch metal band founded by Sander Gommans and Mark Jansen.

The best band to ever exist., releasing the best metal album of all time: Decipher.
They also had the best female metal singer of all time: Floor Jansen
They disbanded in 2009
Bob: Holy shit, that was the best album I've ever heard!
Rob: Of course it is, it's by After Forever!
by AfterForever April 13, 2014
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