"Fucking the shit out of girl" means you fuck her so good she talks about it to her friends.

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"Fucking the shit out of" can also mean fucking her hard and rough. It's open for interpretation. But common sense notion is: SEX WAS FUCKING AWESOME (for her)!
by Dakemi February 20, 2017
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When you do a bitch so hard she either bleeds or cries, and not just on her first time.
"I'm gonna fuck the shit out of that bitch, cuz she got a fine ass."
by Sam Brown August 3, 2006
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Fuck the shit out of you means a guy will fuck the shit out of a girl so hard it’s going to make her cum so hard. It also means he’s going to suck tf out of her clit and lick tf out of her pussy and make her cum hard multiple times. It’s another way of saying I’m going to fuck you so good.
fuck the shit out of you. I fucked this girl last night she’s talking all about it with her friends. I made her cum so hard.
by Gordon is here hahahahha April 12, 2023
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When a gentleman makes love to a woman in a very passionate way.
First person: "How did your date go last night?"
Second person: "It went really well - I think she likes my doggy style"
First person " How so?"
Second person "I fucked the shit out of her - I had to drop her off at home as she could hardly walk"
First person: "Cool"
Second person: "I know"
by Bustex August 4, 2016
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The original meaning was literally when a man uses his penis to stimulate a woman’s G-spot during sex which causes intense orgasmic muscle contractions leading to the woman involuntary defecating. The sentence was a boast as to the prowess of one’s sexual ability and had less of impact if the said woman had pre-existing fecal incontinence problems. Often used by over 65 adults due to the age in which it was first used.

As the term became more widespread, it started to mean simply having intense sex without the any defecation involved.
ex1: “Ethel got it good last week. I fucked the shit out of her. She never had it like that before and was thankful for the rubber sheets on my bed.”

ex2: “I wasn’t really into Mortimer. When I finally slept with him, he fucked the shit out of me. I felt so mortified and he kept laughing and pumping harder as it came out. It felt good but far too shameful. So… no, I won’t be seeing him again.”
by kagekirazuul August 1, 2021
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It means we are having sex until you cum and you suck tf out of my dick
Tonight I'm fucking the shit out of you
by I'mcumonmegirl February 1, 2021
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A meme generally used as a joke preferably on perverted white African Warlord.

Being a meme my cousin can be swapped out for anything.
by Gzoom March 8, 2016
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