Fucking a mother is different than being a mother fucker. To fuck someones mother (milf) is actually pretty cool. To fuck a mother is to stud fuck, therefore to fuck a mother is to stud fuck. When you fuck a mother you are a stud.
Jessy: Damn Tanner did you just fuck a mother?
Tanner: Fuck yeah i did
Jessy: damn you fucking stud
by Austin Buckley July 11, 2010
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To go and have sex with your own mother. A negitive meaning. Highly disrespectfull.
Woman: Hey, where the hell you been with my car?
Man: Shut up cunt! Go fuck your mother!!!
by To Bad U DON'T KNOW July 10, 2006
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You may use "fuck Your Mother" when your in a really deep conversation and out of know where you say "fuck your mother" super fast and then you say "did you say something".
Ruben:Blah Blah Blah I wanna fuck the bitch.
Kevin:"fuck your mother".
Ruben:What? Did you say something?
Kevin:No. Did you?
back to conversation
by Dope :] July 30, 2008
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Kinder, gentler version of Mother Fucker. Still considered fighting words.
Smoke break...
Taxpayer 1: So, the network can be configured in a number of ways...
Taxpayer 2: Uh huh...
Bum interrupting: Let me buy a smoke from you.
Taxpayer 1: I only have two cigarettes left, so I need to keep them. (puts American Spirit pack back in coat pocket)
Bum (not listening): Let me buy a smoke from you.
Taxpayer 1: No, I don't sell cigarettes.
Bum (still not listening): Let me buy a smoke.
Taxpayer 1: I don't have any cigarettes.
Bum: Oh, why you treating me like that! Fuck my mother! Fuck my mother! I just want a cigarette, why you treating me like that?
Taxpayer 1: I don't want to fuck your mother.
Bum: Fuck my mother! You won't sell me a cigarette! Fuck My Mother! I will find you later, I know you are a cop, that's the only reason I'm not beating you. Undercover pig. Fuck my mother!
Taxpayer 1: I am not a cop.
Bum: Fuck my mother.
Taxpayer 1: Give me your mother's phone number.
Bum: Fuck my mother! You are lucky you are a cop. (walking away) Fuck my mother!
Taxpayer 2: Hhmm.
Taxpayer 1: So, we can add those two machines to the network...
by Evil Ian March 03, 2011
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It means to fuck some ones mother backwards. almost as if you where to fuck them the wrong way. commonly used as an insult to tell some one

1- to fuck there mother

2- in a way that would be back to front and all wrong

3- to insult someones intelligence and mother.
jack mason: Rob you eat balls
Rob Harvey: Go fuck your mother backwards
by robertH1230123 February 12, 2010
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An aggressive term of endearment, that some dumb magazine claims is used in Spain, in place of "fuck you" or "I'm gonna fuck you up"
Jack: Dude, your a cocklocker

(vicious nipple twisting ensues)
by pwr 13375 y0 May 25, 2005
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