Different and better way of saying Hell Yes
Person 1: I'm going to get laid tonight.
Person 2: Fuck Yes you are.
by Nirvana July 31, 2005
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When you slam a girl so hard she screams FUCK YES.
by l0NG_pEeN October 10, 2019
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Used in situations where simply saying, "YES!" will not suffice.
Joe: Yo, you up for ordering pizza?
Riv: fucking YES! I'm starving.
by Riveh December 10, 2005
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(Pronounced Fuck Yee) Another way for saying fuck you, but instead a more hilarious version when used to with friends, usually to counter a meaningless joke.
Buddy: "Hey Chris, your arms are looking unusually large today (however, Chris has arms the size of pipecleaners, but he knows it)."
Chris: Fuck ye!
by Lee Alex M October 7, 2007
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A phrase that is to be randomly blurted out in a state of sheer excitement. The situation providing for the excited state in no way has to relate to Oprah.
*Man finds $20 on the ground*
Man: "Fuck yes Oprah! Twenty dollars!"
by Alec the fonz February 25, 2011
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