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A phrase that is used in England, specifically the Merseyside. The Sun ran a really shitty publication about the Hillsborough disaster on several occasions. So, Fuck The Sun.
Don't buy The Sun. They are all pricks. Fuck The Sun!
by YNWA_Reds December 26, 2017
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An indignant cry against a force in which you can do nothing about, and are mildly inconvenienced by. Used to point out that there is nothing that the other person can do about it.

Typically applies to the weather, but can also apply to other things.
Friend 1: God, it's so hot out.
Friend 2: Fuck the sun!!!

Friend 1: Ugh, school is so dumb
Friend 2: Fuck the sun!
by spaghettonoodles July 14, 2017
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