It’s basically a “first time reader” for a new book,

and #rr means re- reader so that means that you are reading the whole book again
wattpad readers at the beginning of a book: ftr
by katkulten July 8, 2019
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#ftr:meaning "first time reader." You're reading something for the first time. No further explanations since it is obviously self-explanatory.

*Fun Fact: Also commonly used in the ebook reading app WATTPAD alongside #rr
New reader: Hey, I'm a #ftr for TBBATT.

Rereader: Really? Welcome to the club! Hope you like the book!

New Reader:Thanks!
by Watt's Up! March 22, 2017
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Alice: "Jenny, you're such a ho"
Jenny: "FTR, I never slept with John"
Alice: "You're still a ho"
by breonnagy July 21, 2008
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Hey Scott Dawson FTR, FUCK THE REVIVAL!!
by JSkykes October 27, 2017
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