A combination of the words funky, crunk, and drunk.
We are going to the club tonight, we are getting frunky!

This weekend I got really frunky, it was awesome.

by Marisela B. November 10, 2008
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A mixture of the words Freaky and Funky. A word to describe a weird style, e.g costume choice, music video etc.
Dude, that guys costume is frunky!
Did you see - new music video? It's frunky!
by Netkin October 25, 2015
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An adjective to describe a person who is instantaneously likeable and has basically nothing wrong with them.
“Oh my god she’s so frunky let’s invite her to our friend group”
by MommyMilk69 February 25, 2021
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Old Latin phrase roughly translated into "one who takes piss on face"
In the 2 girls 1 cup video, you can hear the director calling one of the girls frunkis rolling his r's like "FRRRRRUNKIS."
by Sir Fish November 14, 2007
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Uncle is being a real frunkie today, and he is scaring me!
by Uncle Frunkie February 26, 2004
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When someone is being a real dick fased apple tosser
fuck u bitch u r real frunky today
by Joey fresh June 1, 2003
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An imaginary animal that is a frog and a monkey combined, dances alot.
"Dude did you see those Frunkies dance"
"Yo Frunkies are 'do fro'sizzle!"
by stan n May 4, 2005
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