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A friend you suspect might be homosexual however they conceal it well.
Hugh Jackman can act, sing and dance on Broadway however he is married, has three kids and plays a bad ass Wolverine; fruit ninja.
by Hexagram July 04, 2012
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A fucking awesome and addicting game created by Halfbrick Studios. The goal of the game is to slice various kinds of fruits. As you slice the fruit, the juices of the fruit splatter all over the screen, depending on which way you slice them. There are 3 modes of Fruit Ninja: Classic, Zen, and my most favorite, Arcade mode. Classic mode is slicing fruits while avoiding the bombs. Arcade mode is similar except that so many fruits fly into the screen at once, which is an excellent oppoptunity to make great combos. There are always three special kinds of bananas: The Frenzy Banana, the freeze banana. and the double banana. When you slice the frenzy banana, you basically have a fruit orgy you can make epic combos and blitzes. The freeze banana freezes time and the fruits fly at the screen at a much slower rate. The double banana doubles your score. Zen mode is just like the frenzy but without the special bananas or bombs, so you have to rely on comobs. There are also many different kinds of blades that you can choose from. You also get interesting facts about fruit you migh not have known. This game is a must-have on your Ipod Touch or Iphone
Guy 1: Dude, you must get fruit ninja
Guy 2: (reluctantly): Fine
Guy 2: (a week later): Dude this game is mad addicting! Who would've thought that something so simple can be so good.
by 234ohmygosh January 04, 2012
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A man who has been trained to be gay on command because he is a faggot at heart but didn't know it until he was ass slammed in prison.
Teddy is just a fruit ninja, he learned it in prison.
by Aunt Bee November 08, 2007
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