Fruddle is a combination of the words "friend" and "cuddle" which occurs between two friends who are not romantically involved but want to cuddle anyway.
"Ben and Joy fruddle every night."

"Are Stacy and Tom together?" "No, they're just fruddling."
by Theoic October 23, 2009
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A semi-frozen puddle created by plowed snow at the intersection of streets and sidewalks that has begun to melt creating an icy, deceptive sinkhole. A fruddle usually contains a mix of snow, salt, exhaust, dirt, cigarette butts and fast food wrappers from the previous fall.
Dave tried to lift Ari over the fruddle but let him slip and he ended up with juicy boots.
by Steady Edwards January 12, 2009
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an expression, usually exclaimed with an element of surprise or strong emotion (anger, happiness, etc)

Similar to: "crikey", "omg", "sh*t!", "oh f*ck me!", "skrib dub diddly darn!", etc.
tf excuse me
you are fucking amazing
and if you think other wise your fucking wrong
end of discussion

Person2: mc fruddle doodle squeeze me ma'am
by lowknotokbutitsfineig December 8, 2020
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An ideal Sunday is getting my boys over for some Call of Duty and fruddling.
by Mikey in AZ October 19, 2018
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When you wish to cuddle with a friend and make them aware you want nothing more than just a friendship cuddle. Since cuddling is more intimate.
Arnold : Hey Daisy, wanna come fruddle ?

Daisy : Yea sure! As long it’s fruddling and not cuddling
by Cloutbenz June 6, 2020
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