3 definitions by Steady Edwards

To misplace or abandon (and then have to retrieve) a road vehicle (car, motorcycle, scooter) the morning after a late night out.
I can't give you a lift to the Nugget, I got hella crunked at karaoke last night and kated my ride.
by Steady Edwards December 16, 2008
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A semi-frozen puddle created by plowed snow at the intersection of streets and sidewalks that has begun to melt creating an icy, deceptive sinkhole. A fruddle usually contains a mix of snow, salt, exhaust, dirt, cigarette butts and fast food wrappers from the previous fall.
Dave tried to lift Ari over the fruddle but let him slip and he ended up with juicy boots.
by Steady Edwards January 12, 2009
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A wet winter hazard when one's footwear is soaked from stepping in a fruddle or slushy frozen puddle. In addition to thawing snow, juicy boots may contain discarded cigarette butts, decomposing fast food wrappers, ice-removing salt, and black exhaust ice crystals.
I was stumbling to the Sevie and stepped in a fruddle, now my juicy boots are filled to the lid like a cherry-cola Slurpee.
by Steady Edwards January 12, 2009
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