The adjective form of Frubble.

Current mainstream usage describes a feeling of happiness at others' good fortune.

Can be considered as the opposite of jealousy or schadenfreude

Origin: Frubbly and the noun frubble are sometimes used in the polyamory community in the United Kingdom and the United States, to describe the feeling of compersion.

These terms are more suited to cheerful, light-hearted conversation, and they are more grammatically versatile than compersion or compersive
You found a unicorn on! I feel so frubbly for you! Your relationship fills me with frubbles. I am feeling so frubbly.
by FourHands July 12, 2011
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An onomatopoeia for the adorable, snuggly wobbliness of the manatee countenance.
“That manatee is looking rather frubbly today”
by Padma Dorjé February 05, 2021
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The frubble wells up inside when I watch the kids open their presents.
by savedme January 21, 2009
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The total joy over another person's happiness.
I could see the frubble in his eyes, when his kids opened the presents at Christmas.
by savedme October 28, 2008
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When you fart and it’s multiple tiny farts as if they were bubbles
Ugh I can’t stop frubbing

“Dude you had a Frubble in front of her bro you’re dead lol”
by Fronks January 24, 2019
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