a booger that is encrusted in your nose and it is painful to remove
Lindsay had a frosted flake in her nose.
by Lindsay November 05, 2002
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cool little tiny things that you eat that could make you fat :)
Human 1: hey! wat you eating?
Human 2: Frosted flakes
Human 1: NO! Don't you'll get so BIG you can get popped like a balloon.
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by picklejuice :) November 24, 2020
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An exaggerated term for when subject consumes marijuana and is feeling more high than usual
β€œYo fam, mans are frosted flakes..”
by Mrfortune123 November 20, 2019
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When one ejaculates into the hair of someone who has dandruff.
Damn girl take care of your scalp, I ain’t trying to make Frosted Flakes today.
by LazarusBob August 23, 2020
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After encouraging your partner to over-consume alcoholic beverages and they pass out on the couch, you spew your load all over their face and head to bed. If you prepared your partner adequately, they will remain motionless till morning, allowing your spooge art to dry completely. When you roll out of bed, you sneak up on your still groggy partner and scream β€œyou were GREEAAAT!” In their ear. You should remain alert the following day as revenge moves like an Angry Pirate are often exercised by your disgruntled partner.
She got too drunk to fuck so I just gave her a frosted flake and went to bed.
by Pescitor November 10, 2018
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a derogatory term for a flaky or shady acting white person
omg did you believe that frosted flake at the store that just threw my change at me

omg did you see that that frosted flake just ignored me like that, played like i wasn't even there

frosted flakes don't speak back when you speak to them
by wHaTzYoNaMe April 26, 2017
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