When a girl lets someone cum in he hair and lets it dry overnight. In the morning, she masturbates and uses her vagina juices to get the cum out of her hair and proceeds to eat it.
Guy 1: Totally met a girl who loves frosted flakes. Not sure how I feel about it.
by purplenurple23 March 23, 2012
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When your gay friend always flakes out on you
*texts gay friend* "hey you're late, are you coming?"

*gay friend replies * "oh sorry I can't make it."

You: "ugh, what a frosted flake"
by RSpikes February 01, 2015
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Sex Move: To ejaculate onto an extremely dry vagina.
Yeah, Phil had sex with the middle-eastern exchange student. He gave her the Frosted Flakes.
by KoalaMonkeyButts July 25, 2013
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Another word for when you ask a lesbian what they ate for breakfast in the morning and they say frosted flakes it really means the womens vagina
damn that girls frosted flakes tasted really good this morning
by NIKKILOS August 25, 2007
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a white person who talks properly
"Wow...she talks soo good...." "Its because shes a frosted flake"
by RrraaaayyyyyJ November 04, 2007
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When you are in the act of sexual intercourse and you take a chicks tit milk and you put it in her mouth. you then freeze your own jizz and take the frozen jizz and put bread crumbs on it. you then cheese grate it into her mouth forming a bowl of frosted flakes
i mad the nicest bowl of frosted flakes with my girl
by tarou micheal January 12, 2009
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