A student from My Hero Academia who has frog like abilities and is the best girl in the show (in my opinion)
Froppy is the cutest girl in MHA
by Frog girls are hot :) June 18, 2019
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That girl who makes you invent new words for how completely awesome she is. That girl who can do things with her tongue that make you see new colors. That girl you've always known but just realize it every single second you know her. That girl who is immediately what everything has always been about and will be about.

She's that girl.
I love that Froppy.
by Frogtato May 15, 2018
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A ship name for the cutest couple alive! They love eachother TOOO much and will do anything for eachother. The most perfect match made in heaven!!!💖
Awwww look at them two... bet they’re a froppy
by PizzaGuy456 April 3, 2019
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A random japanese girl who dresses up like a frog
(e.g: she’s a furry.)
“Wow! that girl is such a froppy!”

Nah man, she’s just a furry
by 🍖 March 15, 2019
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How a Japanese person describes something that is lopsided
by GMan636 June 11, 2007
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When ya girl froppy is sucking your dick and has her tongue in your ass at the same time.
Zacchary was fucking Tsuyu Asui under the UA bleachers while she was giving me that good froppy toppy.
by XxDaVinci August 26, 2017
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