one of two options you can take when your friends approach the bus stop in a car: the other being backseat.
Kickin’ in the front seat
Sittin’ in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?
by rancors! April 12, 2011
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when people in the front of a car talk just loud enough that they can hear one another but too quietly for those in the back to hear. effect is added to by music in a car generally being louder when sitting in the back.
Dave: Hey Fred, how was your car journey here?

Fred: Absolute crap, Matt and Greg sat in the front and used front seat voices all the way here, I couldn't hear a thing!

Mum: How are we going to discuss directions to the theatre without my mother being a back seat driver?

Dad: Don't worry, just turn up the radio and use front seat voices.
by Orange2 August 7, 2010
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The act of having some form of "intimacy" in the front seat of a vehicle. "Intimacy" can range from kissing to as much as full-on sex. Front seat yoga has been known to include making footprints on the inside of a windshield and the fogging of windows. AC controls are all messed up in my car...were you and Jimmy engaged in a little front seat yoga on your date last night??
by jfwordsmythe March 20, 2017
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Self-contained road rage - the fight a couple has while driving, neither looking at the other, on a trip one of them really did not want to take.
She demanded to turn around and go home. He was determined to get to the guns and ammo exposition. It could only end in a massive front seat fracas.
by Monkey's Dad March 8, 2020
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If one of you mates it taking you home from a night out, activities. Whom ever is the last person to get dropped of must be the person in the front seat so he isn't taxied around. If a bro puts there stuff in the front seat one must not take it out and chuck it in the back.
"When a mate jumps in the front when he is first to exit the vehicle" This overules the shotgun Call. Bro code for front seat
by Scotthemus December 3, 2015
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The inability to decide which seat to take due to the quantity of friends both "kickin' in the front seat" and "sittin' in the back seat." Characterized by indecision and anxiety as the individual has "gotta make their mind up."

A largely ignored condition until early 2011, the "front-seat back-seat dilemma" was widely publicized upon the advent of Rebecca Black's viral single "Friday."
Friend 1 (From the front seat): "Why won't Tim get in the car? I have a dermatologist appointment in 5 minutes!"

Friend 2 (From the back seat): "Dude, give him a break. He's suffering a front-seat back-seat dilemma. Everyone's been there once."
by Word Bendo March 27, 2011
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A rare condition in which one cannot decide which seat to take, even though only one actual seat is available. This is generally caused by a mental defect of some sort.
Eric: I cant decide which seat i should take on the bus sometimes. I think I may have Front seat, Back seat syndrome.
by Jim Sominsummthin July 20, 2011
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