The moldy buildup found under the foreskin of an unclean penis.
I just had some fromunda cheese on rye. It was damn tastey.
by Joey Orgler 3 February 07, 2008
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fromunda cheese is a soft yet sticky substance found between the butt hole and ball sack. Its rather stinky, smells like a old dish rag and dog shit mixture.
Hey wouold you like some fromunda cheese on your burger?(Frumunda Cheese? Yeah fromunda my balls.
by wvumountys88 November 16, 2007
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Nasty stuff from under the balls
(Person 1)Would you like some fromunda cheese!
(Person 2)Huh?
(Person 2) YOU'RE SICK!!!
by amy November 01, 2003
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Contrary to popular belief, not just the nutsack need be involved but rather also referring to the oh-so-pungent, sweaty buildup beneath the undulating, fatpads of those of us who've perhaps made a few too many trips to the neighborhood Bojangles.
Damn, James' car smells like fromunda cheese! He asked, but I didn't have the heart to tell him the truth.
by youknowwhothisbe October 22, 2008
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The film that collects on and under the scrotum.
Tom:hey you want some cheese.

Bill:sure what kind

Tom:fromunda cheese


Tom:fromunda these nuts mother fucker!!
by belial47 May 20, 2008
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A ricotta-cheese like substance that smells like budikussy, usually found inside and around the foreskin of those freaks whose parents were too sadistic to get them circumsized; for those with normal parents, it is usually found in that stanky area where the dick shaft meets the balls, and under the balls around the taint.
Ian was too much of a dirty fuckboy to shower, although he lived in Phoenix, Arizona and constantly had such a bad case of fromunda cheese the nasty mother fucker could supply lasagna to the entire starving population of Italy. stank nutsbudikussyfuck boytaintsadismphoenix AZricotta cheese
by HaterofallthingsHuman March 14, 2017
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