You’ve lived in Annapolis your whole life, most importantly you’ve played lacrosse at St Mary’s. Your one of their guys.
by RandomGuyFrom October 5, 2020
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(n.) The bubbly looking meat that sit atop a taco when you buy it without cheese. Usually the worst part and by far the most unappealing to the eye.
This taco has way too much from on it.
Give it back?
I already sent it to the Bureau of Paranormal Research Center. Now I just need to scrub my eyes with a burning ember.
by Jjef April 15, 2010
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Your from Annapolis, most importantly you went to St. Mary’s and played lacrosse. Your a kid From. Your one of their guys
by RandomGuyFrom October 5, 2020
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A mysterious object, with a name of which is pleasing to the tongue; It tends to disappear frequently and leads to forshookment...
Allison dropped her from in the hallway
by From. April 3, 2019
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Someone who supports 2Z

2Z is a Korean band which includes 4 members
Person1: Do you like 2Z

Person2: yea do you?

Person1: yea I’m a From A
by SPUD2210 July 5, 2020
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Used to indicate the original location, situation, etc.
"The bogan is from South Of The River."
by Alex Quantashassle May 27, 2005
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