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Verb. The state of which an individual is extremely high on some form of mind altering substance but not outwardly displaying any sign of being completely burnt to others... until that individual attempts to make conversation or takes a stab at small talk...this attempt is not recieved well by others . At this point, people can make the correct judgement of that persons is throwed the f#ck off!! He seemed like he had his sh#t together until he openned his mouth and floods the room with ignorant and ill timed bits of nonsense that seemed to have no end. Thus he is frittered.
I couldnt tell lowell was frittered until he wouldnt shut the hell up talking all that irrelevant dumb sh#t.
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to be stoned, or otherwise known as high. fritterland is the place where all those who enjoy being frittered originated. marijuana is also known as fritterboles.
"Dude, i'm so frttiered." or , give me some of those fritterboles. haha, it's a fritterbole bowl." or. " i do believe that the magical land in Jades crotch in the AFI video 'Girl's Not Grey'is infact fritterland."
by Reiann September 01, 2003
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