The art of performing a clitoral stimulation. cf frig
Lisa was frigging herself in the library again today.
by Mercunium August 16, 2003
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A lazy or otherwise cleaner alternative to F*cking, Freaking, etc.

Tip: Say this word as an alternative to F*cking when in the presence of your mother/respected person/etc. to save yourself from getting bitchslapped.
Holy Christ it's Frigging hot as sin in here.
by Project December 3, 2003
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Yorkshire term for female masturbation. Commonly used in the Doncaster area.

Verb: to frig
Ooooh fuckin ell mate. I wer laying in me bed last night friggin me sen off thinkin about that fit lad a met int pub
by F.E.C. October 24, 2019
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A word that you should look up on urban dictionary, before you say in front of your mum.
Boy: Ahh frigging hell, i just spilt the milk.

Mum: Don't say that, do you know what it means?

Boy: um no

Boy goes on urban dictionary
Boy: Shit
by Fred John June 16, 2008
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adj. cursed, damned (Slang)

v. (Vulgar slang) masturbate
Hell, I hate this Frigging website!

Sue was frigging in the school yesterday!
by Rokstarr January 9, 2010
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