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Freuding is the act of not giving much response to someone so as to draw out more information from them. The general idea behind it is, if you don't say much, they will continue to talk about the problem, and tell you more and more. They may become frustrated, and this will only goad them on to yell at you and tell you every reason why they are frustrated and have reason to be frustrated.
Person 1: hey, how are you?
Person 2: Meh. I just visited my mother.
Person 1: Mmm.
Person 2: I mean, it's not like I hate her or anything.
Person 1: Ah.
Person 2: She just frustrates me.
Person 1: Mmm.
Person 2: Hey, come on! You'd be frustrated too, if you had a mother who thought everything your sibling did was PERFECT!
Person 1: Ah.
Person 2: WOULD YOU STOP FREUDING ME?! I mean, after everything that's happened to me lately!
by SuperSpockette August 05, 2013
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