Fresh Gear when combined adds up to equal the quality and popularity of ones clothing. Fresh Meaning new or "in style" Gear Meaning clothing.
Yo yo check out my Fresh-Gear YO!

Dang yo, that be some Fresh-Gear!
by Danny July 4, 2004
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The term Fresh Gear is most commonly used by Australia’s delinquents or Eshays. The Eshay culture enjoys high quality street wear calling there fit Fresh Gear usually acquired after staunching a random cunt for his gear at your local skato or train station
Eshay 1: “Oi Damo just staunched this seedy fucker for his white tns at the skato aye”

Eshay 2: “That’s some mad fresh gear lad”
by CumGuzzler2019 December 16, 2019
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Always wear your freshest (newest/tightest/most gangster/pimpest/gear that pulls the most bitches) gear on friday because nobody gives a flying fuck what you wear saturday night.
Dude, isn't my pink polo fresh?

Yeah, but not as fresh as this walmart thermal i'm rocking for my fresh gear friday!
by Snug G. Fresh December 14, 2004
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