a term used by anyone who had just finished smoking marijuana. This term is to be said right after the person is done smoking and has put all paraphernalia away.
Stoner: Hey everybody! I'm fresh out of the oven!!!
by SKoppastoner January 22, 2012
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A hook up line or term used to described someone who is attractive or hot
Line: "Baby i can tell you fresh out the over why cause you are smoking.

Term: "She's so hot she's fresh out the oven"
by ATureRedbone November 12, 2009
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(secret way of tellin friends you're baked without sayin the actual words and announcing to everyone around you that you're high)
Just a little thing that me and me friends say...
Friend: "Why you're eyes so red man, and why you laughing so damn much?"
Me: "I'm fresh up out the oven man, I jst polished off a fatty with homie over there.."
by Wa5t3dY0uth May 29, 2008
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