A phrase that native americans use to reffer to the settlers that came off of the Mayflower.

strong heart: Hey black bear, these white people are stealing our corn. WTF!!, we worked all season.

Black bear: Yes, they are!. they must be fresh of the boat. We'll scalp them next season.
by Bo dictionary October 13, 2008
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A bitch who sat and farted on your dick and its fresh like a boat
I told jessica to let me put it in since she is wet and then she farted on my penis and it was freshly nasty, she left my penis fresh out the boat smelling like fish hitting my boat.
by Jauncena March 26, 2018
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When a location has been infiltrated by an individual or collection of people who are of a certain ethnic minority or nationality.
Me: "Raymond, look over there at that group of Chinese people".

Raymond: "Shit they fresh off the boat".
by ishavemyhole July 17, 2012
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refering to a black person who does whatever a white person tells them to do. sometimes concidered a "slave".
Look at dat nigga ova there cuttin' whitey's lawn. Dat nigga is fresh off da boat.
by J-Masta November 04, 2006
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