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To leave or disappear without letting your party know you're leaving.
"Hey John, don't do a French Leave after work, we're all going to happy hour."
by Lady Duran December 24, 2008
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Going AWOL, Desertion, etc.
"Zut alors! OΓΉ sont les militaires allΓ©s?"
"Ils ont pris, comme les Anglais disent, <<French Leave>>, quand ils ont entendu les gun-shots!"
"Hmm, comme d'habitude!" (Shrug of gallic insouciance).
by Dr Pinch September 15, 2004
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Usually after a night of amazing sex, the woman leaves in the morning without a trace, save a thank you note.
Mike: What's wrong with Eddie?
Sally: Juliette pulled a French Leave on Eddie last night.

Mike: Oh snap!
by eddiesdguy June 08, 2012
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