The Female Version of Tea Bagging. The act of lowering one's labia onto someones face, or into their mouth while they are laying down. Kind of resembles dipping roast beef into au jus.
Damn bitch French Dipped me and I couldn't breath!
by Kray 17 May 14, 2010
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The French Dip is the female equivalent to 'teabagging' someone. The same action is executed in the female teabag as in the male teabag. However with the French Dip, the idea is that the female is dipping the 'roast beef' upon the target person. More common in online shooters and MMO games, the 'French Dip' is known more commonly as 'face sitting' in sexual encounters and other real life situations.
Person 1: "That bitch just killed me."

Person 2: "Where is she?"

Person 1: "Great, now she's giving me the French Dip."

Person 2 "lol n00b."
by Kimikowned January 7, 2010
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Where your woman lays on her back with her legs in the air and you squat above her and dip your ballsack in to her wet pussy juice (jus de pusspuss).
"Hey Jim. I had a cracking French Dip last night, my sack was really moist."
by Twojimmys November 20, 2016
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A lady teabag. An offensive gesture where a woman will pull her pants down or lift up her skirt and press the lips of her vagina on an immobile/unconscious/dead victim. If the woman is on her period, this can also be called a French Dip with au jus.
Fred: Did you hear that Mary gave Steve the french dip again?
Barry: Yeah, it was intense. She gave him extra au jus on the house.
by El Chipacabra July 19, 2011
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A guy goes to the bathroom, leaves the seat up and doesn't flush the toilet.

Then a girl goes to the bathroom, and without really looking or thinking, sits down on the open toilet seat.

Since the seat was left up, she falls in. Her labia "dip" into the dirty toilet water, and as they do, she exclaims, "Au Jus serious!?!"

Thus: the french dip
The Situation had just peed in the toilet and he left the seat up. Snooki was drunk and she went into the bathroom for a pee. She fell into the toilet, and she french dipped into the dirty toilet water.
by PteroDactylMullets February 3, 2011
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The act of a male dipping his genitals in chocolate, and thereafter, slapping a girl in the face with his chocolate covered man pouch.
"Hey Jim, did you french dip Jenny last night?" "Of course I did Jerry, it was exhilarating!"
by bignat91 March 10, 2010
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The act of swaping chewing tabacco while passionately kissing your boyfriend/girlfriend. Try french dip w/side of au jus where you use your sex partners anus/vagina as a spittoon for an extra nicotine buzz.
After meeting Mary Jo at the local smoke smoke shop where she bought a pouch of "Chattanooga Chew", Johnny invited Mary Jo to his hay loft for a french dip. Mary Jo responded with "Can I have extra au jus on the side"?
by Buttwheat August 19, 2009
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