Mispronunciation of "Freedom of Speech" created to mock people who constantly fall in the Fallacy of Freedom of Speach
Here he comes with with his "freeze peach" again. He need to be introduced to a book about rhetoric.
by Peachy Witch February 2, 2017
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A corruption of the phrase free speech primarily used to mock folks when they selectively blow up minor affronts into supposed "free speech" outrages, e.g. "I can't thumbs down this yiff porn video? THIS IS CENSORSHIP! What about my free speech?"

Etymology: May've been originally used by anti-social justice folks to mock social justice folks. Now often used by social justice folks (and others) to mock anti-social justice folks being selectively upset at alleged "free speech" affronts, especially when it's at the expense of being upset at substanative threats to free speech. Also see #freezepeach and Free Speech Warrior.
Oh, come on now! You got ignored on Twitter. You still have your free speech. You can say what you want. Stop complaining about "But MUH Freeze Peach!"
by Facci Fugatz June 11, 2017
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A term used mockingly by those who oppose "Free Speech". Mostly used by SJWs who are against Freedom of Speech and think it should be substantially curtailed.

Often has the unintentional side effect of making everybody who does not already agree with them roll their eyes and stop listening. It's one of those terms that lets you know exactly where the person stands as soon as they say it, and that they will almost certainly be making a very extreme and unconvincing argument - much like when somebody says "Libtard" or "Rethuglican". You know they will dismiss any other views, are extremely biased, and are probably going to make an argument based in emotion and opinion.
We should ban everybody I disagree with from speaking on campus. Who needs freeze peach?
by POTYAa August 17, 2017
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A mispronunciation of "free speech" used to mock SJWs.
The fempire will censor us and take away our freeze peaches!
by Phukers August 23, 2015
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A phrase commonly uttered by an asshole attempting to justify their or somebody else's racist, sexist, homophobic, or generally shitty behavior by evoking the first amendment .
*Person gets fired from job after espousing countless racist remarks*

Person: "i have a right to muh freeze peach!!!"
by yamma684 August 20, 2017
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A term used to mock anti-Social Justice Warriors for always grandstanding about the importance of free speech. They don't actually care about free speech, but will exploit it to claim the moral high ground against their opponents. They are more than willing blow up minor annoyances which have nothing to do free speech or censorship as massive free speech affronts, but will ignore actual free speech affronts that conflict with their personal biases. Freeze Peach Warriors are nothing more than opportunistic hypocrites that are only interested in pushing an agenda.
Person 2: No, it's not. You can still say what you want, you just won't make money off of your videos, which you're not entitled to. You Freeze Peach Warriors always exaggerate everything.
by SkateWRes April 18, 2018
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Just a silly way of saying or writing "Free speech." Try it. Phonetically it sounds the same. That's right isn't it? "Phonetically?" I'm using it right there aren't I? Hmmm... Probably... If not, I'm almost using it right... Right adjacent at least... Possibly completely wrong... No, it's fine. I'll just change the rule. From now on, the word "phonetically" is used like that ☝️ You see it? THAT ☝️ is both allowed and correct. AND SO IT SHALL BE!!!
Stein Ericwine "They're gaming freeze peach! I mean, obviously I'M doing it right and should be allowed to freeze as many peaches as I want but THEM!? THEY'RE CHEATING!"

Hym "You're literally just invoking 'hate speech' there. Like... Gaming freeze peach and 'Hate Speech' are the same thing."
by Hym Iam November 8, 2023
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