A space of time to do whatever one desires. Something everyone want but cannot obtain due to work, school or other obligations.
In my free time I go out and party.

I watch TV in my free time.
by mummified baby April 2, 2008
Something whichs members of Urban dictionary have too much of.
Nothing on today lets spent my Free Time describing various sexual positions.
by LawrieCrash August 12, 2010
A space of time to do whatever one desires. Sumthing ev3ryone want but cannot obtain due to AcDec.
On my free time I like to look at my coconuts
by Hugh Trevor-Roper April 24, 2018
An excuse for the teacher trying to earn their teachers degree on a crappy online university.
by TheBiggestBigShaq May 28, 2018
Any time of the night, especially past 10 pm. When a consumer would take a specific item but wouldn’t purchase with their own currency, but would rather take it for free.
Buckwin: “Yo IGB, it’s 10 pm, what’s the word wit it”

IGB: “ Nigga we hittin free greens for the Free-Free. I’m on Demon-Time, I’m on Free-Free Time, Fuck is you talkin bout.”
by Sir Carti September 9, 2021
A phrase used by a simple-minded person to demean the creativity, efforts, interests and achievements of another because they do not specifically relate to said simple-minded person's interests. While it is sometimes used when refering to a genuine waste of time, generally its usage pertains to interests that are very much a legitimate way to spend time. There is nothing wrong with having hobbies, even if they aren't mainstream.

Note that this definition is not in reference or response to the previous definition.
Person1: Hey, can you read my short story and tell me what you think of it?

Person2: You spend hours doing something you enjoy doing that requires talent and creativity for the purpose of entertaining yourself and others as well as developing skills that could prove useful outside of said activity? You have too much free time on your hands! I'm gonna go smoke some weed and watch TV.

The reason for all art and culture's existence is humanity having too much free time on its hands.
by Chintz October 29, 2004
something most people who define words here have
youve all got too much free time
by oracle March 13, 2004