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The worst "entertainer" of all time.
The only dick in the biz worse than Avril Lavigne
by levicom July 10, 2005
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Considered the godfathers of punk, the Stooges pioneered a raw unabashed sound that would be later catogorized as proto-Punk, punk, and punk rock.

Fronted by the infamous Iggy Pop and original backed by the underappreciated talents of guitarist Ron Asheton, Drummer Scott Asheton, and Bassist Dave Alexander. The Stooges were original found by an Elektra spokesman who was on location to sign the MC5. The Stooges opened for them that night and (with the support of the MC5) also got a contract with Elektra. After their self-titled release (1969) and the followup Fun House (1970) Elektra droped the Stooges for lack of record sales.

In 1972 Iggy meet David Bowie who then had them signed to Columbia. The lineup changed to include James Williamson on guitar with Ron Asheton takeing over Bass, and Scott Asheton remaining on drums. In 1973 Raw Power was released to the traditional lack of sales ending the Stooges for good. Iggy Pop continued working with David Bowie to make solo recordings but none matched the raw energy present on the Stooges' records.

In 2003 Iggy Pop reunited Ron and Scott Asheton for a few songs on his album Skull Ring and a subsequent tour.
True pioneers of Punk
by levicom July 12, 2005
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A band formed by a former first wave grunge band Greenriver's lead guitarest Stone Gossard and bassest Jeff Ament. Vocalist Eddie Vetter joing shortly after the formation.
Specializing in a lighter more pop form of true grunge they were able to pull in more sales then any other third wave grunge band of the 90s. Created such commercial hit albums as Ten, Vs., And Vitology. And created a number of arty rock albums to further seclude themselves from the public eye.
Also known as the Seattle Sellouts for having an extremely radio friendly sound that was barely reminesent to grunge roots and for profitting off of hundreds of unnessecary live albums.
Pearl Jam is only around because people want them to be Ten again
by levicom November 25, 2004
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Any band that allows a song to be a staple in car commercials are sellouts.
"Hey, thats the Ford motor song"
"No thats just the Clash"
by levicom June 24, 2005
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